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Transcend Your Reality


March 17-19, 2023  ~ Lendrick Lodge ~ Callander, Scotland

Hosted by

Kerri-Ann Appleton
The Energy Alchemist

The only person stopping you from what you truly desire is you…

When you acknowledge this you have taken the hardest step towards transcending your current reality. You are open to the idea of change which means you will get a lot out of this retreat.


What are you getting?


Freedom from your limitations...the feeling of being limitless


The Transcend Your Reality Retreat is a 2.5-day journey inward that will expose your mind, body and spirit to a deeper understanding of you. You will begin to unlock parts of yourself that have been hidden.  You will gain more clarity around why you get stuck and what you can do to change it.



Friday Evening
Connection and creating a container of safety.

*Theory on the Mind and Emotions - understand how your mind and emotions work and how they have been creating your current reality.
*Unpack your limiting narrative.
*Feel freedom from your limiting narrative.

*Balance the impact of your limiting narrative.
*Create community to support you
moving forward.

There will be movement, meditation, energy healing and a cacao ceremony intertwined.



Lendrick Lodge is holistic retreat center located in Callandar,

Scotland. Called by many "a home from home", with its friendly

staff, comfortable accommodation and beautiful grounds. It is

an escape from your everyday life to place that feels warm,

welcoming and safe.  

To learn more about Lendrick Lodge visit their website


£310 -350

depending on room type.

Price includes:

  • 2 nights accommodation

  • Meals (6 included) 

  • all facilitated activities

To reserve your spot you need to provide a £150 non-refundable deposit.  

Have Questions?

Email me here

Meet Your Retreat Facilitator

I'm Kerri-Ann and I guide people through their transformation of becoming the designer of their life.


I'm known as the Energy Alchemist - empowering humans to design a remarkable life through conscious effort. I use a hands-on practical approach with a spiritual blend, combining western and eastern philosophies and pulling from coaching, neuroscience, meditation, psychology, Reiki, somatic work, yoga and conscious living into one whole package to serve.  


I support people like you with feeling more embodied, grounded and centered in your life.  


The Organizing Committee

This retreat would not be possible without the support of the local committee.


Andy Hunter

Lisa Jefferies

Lucy Drysdale

Omar Iqbal

Stiva McKay

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