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Just sit and know that 'you are' the 'I am' without words, nothing else has to be done; shortly you will arrive to your natural absolute state.

- Nisargadatta Maharaj

We work together

so you can thrive.

To remove the stress, triggers, and patterns in your life you confront them. 

This means digging into some uncomfortable parts of you and your story. 

Releasing your limiting narrative opens you up for a world of new opportunities, ease and joy. Powered by awareness and practice, you’ll start shifting your frequency and seeing the world through new eyes.

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It's Valuable

You can’t see what you can’t see…your limited narrative is a blind spot. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. That is valuable.

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It's Personal

No two people are the same. That’s why my approach meets the needs of your personality and desired results.


It's Results Oriented

Together we focus on the results you desire. I’ll provide you with the deep understanding of your subconscious narratives and keep you focused on releasing them through awareness and practice. 

Working with me allows you to:

  • Understand what is creating your current reality.

  • Find clarity around your stress, triggers and patterns.

  • Build a deeper relationship with yourself.

  • Create space for ease and flow to exist.

  • Bring more vitality and self-compassion into your life.

  • Discover a new way of living.

Who Is Kerri-Ann?

My journey started in Fall of 2006 my boss found me under the water fountain at work having a panic attack. Feeling that deep state of fear and overwhelm and not truly understanding where it was coming from. This started my personal journey to take a deeper dive under the surface of what's truly happening within me.   

To the outside world I had it all, so why did I feel trapped by a deep state of fear?  


Once I began to understand how I was unconsciously creating my life, living by how my conditioned self was seeing and being in the world and understanding the limitations I was living by… then things started to change. I built upon the awareness and created a dedicated practice of shifting my perspective which shifted my energy. I have let go of so much to gain the freedom, ease and abundance I have today.  Now, I am more grounded, courageous, loving and accepting.

I'm Kerri-Ann and I guide people through their transformation of becoming the designer of their life.


I'm known as the Energy Alchemist - empowering humans to design a remarkable life through conscious effort. I use a hands-on practical approach with a spiritual blend, combining western and eastern philosophies and pulling from coaching, neuroscience, meditation, psychology, Reiki, somatic work, yoga and conscious living into one whole package to serve.  


I existed to support humanity in moving more towards the energy of love and pure possibility.


Get Started Package:

This package gives you a taste of the process and an idea

of what it requires to do this work. You will understand:

  • Understand what is creating your current reality

  • Find clarity around your limiting narratives

  • Learn how to regulate your emotions


Get Started Package includes:

  • 3 online sessions (45 minutes each)

  • ​Practices to do after each session

  • Support via WhatsApp or email between sessions 


Personalized Package:

This package requires commitment and discipline.  It is an investment on transcending your reality which takes practice.  


The practice often feels unfulfilling to begin but over time it is life changing.  This is why it requires a commitment upfront and discipline in order to see results. You will:

  • Understand what is creating your current reality

  • Find clarity around your limiting narratives

  • Build awareness and Self-compassion

  • Learn how to regulate your emotions

  • Release stuck emotions in a safe and healthy way

  • Create a deeper relationship with yourself

  • Make space for ease and flow

  • Work through triggers

  • Make conscious and more grounded choices


Personalized Package Includes:

  • 3 months or 6 months (meeting weekly for 45 minutes)

  • ​Practices to do after each session

  • Support via WhatsApp or email between sessions 


* This work is a commitment

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