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Kind Words

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When I first heard the proposition of Kerri-Ann’s work I thought it was quite unique and could be interesting to try it. What I did not know was how big the impact of this work would be in my life. Throughout the process, I was able to see the patterns that I was locked in, the false narrative that I’ve been telling myself for most of life and the pain that all of it was causing. I’ve been through decades of all kind of psychotherapies but none of them led to the place that I am at this very moment. 


I am in a place with much less anxiety, trust in my own skills, in possibilities and myself. I feel that I’m no longer imprisoned in my past or even condemned to repeat the same mistakes. The process is not over, thank goodness because it has been so rich and so rewarding that I want to continue. It has offered me access to my true self. It has really transformed me and little by little my reality too. I truly recommend to anyone to is eager to set themselves free from all that it’s not true.

Jaque Noqueira

PR & Marketing Consultant


My coaching experience with Kerri-Ann was more than eye opening: it was heart opening. She helped me to break a long-standing pattern of emotional unawareness and to learn how to be open to what I want, even when I do not know how to get there. Dealing with emotions was not the purpose of the coaching, but thanks to Kerri-Ann’s wit, perceptiveness and sensitivity we did it, and it was the key to everything else. I am now well-advanced in the changes I want to do in my life, a journey that I only had the courage to start after working with Kerri-Ann.

- Luciana from Brazil

Thanks to Kerri-Ann and her selfless coaching style, both my conscious and inherited subconscious self are revealed into the light. Healed and dissipated out into the cosmic energy.


It's a fundamental, transformational and life changing experience on my voyage of self exploration and discovery. The more I find, the more is revealed and the better I am. Love conquers everything.

- Robert from the UK

Since I spoke to Kerri-Ann, I have been going through some great transformations in my life. I got a chance to become aware of some long-withheld beliefs that did not serve me anymore and I also got to transform them into positive ones, that have already helped me in my business. Thank you Kerri-Ann for your time, effort and love."

- Sanjula from India

When I started with Kerri-Ann I was thinking about starting a business as a Financial Coach but realized that I had blocks and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Throughout our time together, She has guided me in discovering my blocks and the feelings that come with them. Kerri-Ann provided several great resources and activities to do to begin changing them.  She has helped me stay focused on my goals Kerri-Ann is a gentle soul that is very intuitive.  When I had celebrations, she checked in with me within hours of a major win.  When I had struggles in between sessions, she always reached out at the right time with the right message to share. Now almost 6 months later, I left job and have opened my own financial coaching business.  I have shifted my attitude towards money.  Kerri-Ann helped me value myself and see that I am worth more than I have valued myself in the past.



Financial Coach


I've always struggled with loneliness and feeling lost, surrounded by people whom I didn't feel safe to open to or trust them. I negated my emotions because I didn't have the time or space to have them. On top of that, my parents never taught me how to get in touch with my feelings, even less how to process them. At home there was always drama and I felt I had to fix it all. I didn't realize that the situation was hurting myself until I touched rock bottom. After years going through this, I fell into a big depression.


Thankfully, I came across Kerri-Ann. She was the only practitioner I felt I could connect, I felt understood, vulnerable and safe. She is very knowledgeable in many areas and has a drive of self-improvement that I admire deeply.mKerri-Ann is very gentle during the one on one meetings, she is caring and supportive but at the same time she knows how to push you to grow in the right areas.


Thanks to her, now I am able to put boundaries with my family, friends and partners. I listen to what my body is trying to say and I give space to my inner child to play. I know that I still have a lot of work to do but I feel confident I will get better and better because of Kerri-Ann. 

- Regina P. from Spain

I spoke with Kerri-Ann during my first ever coaching talk. I didn't really know what to expect and somehow in my mind, thought it might feel like speaking with a therapist. It was really far better than I expected. It felt more like speaking to a long-time friend. Kerri-Ann helped me to identify some possible thought blockages that are hindering my desires as well as some new belief systems I can use to awaken my dreams. I learned to believe more in myself and trust myself and what's inside of me too. I also learned about unintentional "victim energy" that can produce and/or allow others to bring into my space. It was really eye-opening. I felt as if I knew everything about myself before Kerri-Ann and I spoke, but I was absolutely wrong. During our chat, she pointed out things and opened my eyes and heart to a different perspective. Once I incrementally made a few tweaks as suggested in my heart, thoughts and action, I felt an immediate and indescribable shift in my experience. Things just seemed to "click" and start to flow better....and this was just after ONE call!  Kerri-Ann is amazing and I wholeheartedly believe she will be a part of my cheering squad for quite a while!"

- Cherry from the USA

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