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Overcome the inner resistance that keeps you from your inherent greatness

Transcend Your Reality is an online educational program and membership community that guides humanity on transcending their limiting narratives to become expanded and free. We believe every human deserves to thrive.


Are you ready to unpack and truly understand what has been holding you back from joy and vitality in your life? This program will support any human with revealing their deep limiting narratives that are dictating their thoughts, feelings and habits.



You will learn the theory around how your mind is creating your personal reality, how to unpack your deep limiting narratives, and reconcile them.

Contemplating at Work


You will discover your deep limiting narratives that are the root of what is dictating your personal reality.



You will be able to connect with a community to explore these deep concepts and contribute to each others growth.

How does the membership work:

Self Guided Modules

There are 6 modules for you to move through where you will gain theory and apply practical action

Weekly Coaching Calls


Sunday from 12:30pm - 2:00pm ET

Wednesday at 10:00am - 11:30am ET


24/7 Access to a community of support

Robert, France

Thanks to Kerri-Ann and her selfless coaching style, both my conscious and inherited subconscious self are revealed into the light. Healed and dissipated out into the cosmic energy.

Its a fundamental, transformational and life changing experience on my voyage of self exploration and discovery. The more I find, the more is revealed and the better I am. Love conquers everything. 



Reality Creation

Module 1 is about awareness.  In this module you will:

  • Learn how your personal reality is formed.

  • Looking at what is dictating your reality

  • Understand the mind and the role it plays


Building Capacity

Module 2 is about the nervous system.  In this module you will:

  • Learn about two key parts of your nervous system and how it impacts your reality.

  • How to attune and release your emotions.

  • Practice moving through your emotions with more grace and ease.


Meet Yourself

Module 3 is about unpacking your deep limiting narrative In this module you will:

  • Learn how to discover your perceived identities.

  • Meet parts of yourself that formed your reality.

  • Start to reconcile and integrate these parts to transcend your reality


Bring in Love

Module 4 is about bringing in love through acceptance and compassion: In this module you will:

  • Learn the power of acceptance and compassion.

  • Bring authentic love in.

  • Embrace the true idea of yourself

  • Start to step into the energy of flow.


Balance the Impacts

Module 5 is about balancing what it out of alignment in your life and making space for new energy.  In this module you will:

  • Identify the imbalances showing up.

  • Begin to declutter your mental, emotional and physical arenas.

  • Balance out your behaviors that keep your trapped. 



Module 6 is about bring all the pieces together and integrating the new self into form.  In this module you will:

  • Learn the integration process.

  • Understand the stages of integration.

  • Create your environment to nurture and grow

  • Commit to a life of freedom.

We accept 8 members per month

This program and membership allows you to:

  • Understand what is creating your current reality.

  • Find clarity around your stress, triggers and patterns.

  • Build a deeper relationship with yourself.

  • Create space for ease and flow to exist.

  • Bring more vitality and self-compassion into your life.

  • Discover a new way of living.

Who Is Kerri-Ann?

My journey started in Fall of 2006 my boss found me under the water fountain at work having a panic attack. Feeling that deep state of fear and overwhelm and not truly understanding where it was coming from. This started my personal journey to take a deeper dive under the surface of what's truly happening within me.   

To the outside world I had it all, so why did I feel trapped by a deep state of fear?  


Once I began to understand how I was unconsciously creating my life, living by how my conditioned self was seeing and being in the world and understanding the limitations I was living by… then things started to change. I built upon the awareness and created a dedicated practice of shifting my perspective which shifted my energy. I have let go of so much to gain the freedom, ease and abundance I have today.  Now, I am more grounded, courageous, loving and accepting.

I'm Kerri-Ann and I guide people through their transformation of becoming the designer of their life.


I'm known as the Energy Alchemist - empowering humans to design a remarkable life through conscious effort. I use a hands-on practical approach with a spiritual blend, combining western and eastern philosophies and pulling from coaching, neuroscience, meditation, psychology, Reiki, somatic work, yoga and conscious living into one whole package to serve.  


I support people like you with feeling more embodied, grounded and centered in your life.

Spirit of Gift

The Transcend Your Reality program and membership community is inclusive to anyone who is ready, willing and able to do this work.

Inclusive means not excluding any of the parties or groups involved in something. This means race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age, education, and socioeconomic status. All of these are important but the last one is why I feel strongly about working from a spirit of gift model.  

Most programs, tools and support like these come with a high price tag and therefore are not accessible to most people. A Gift Economy puts the community in an empowered position and moves us out of the consumer model and into a creator model. 

A gift economy means there is no set price to participate.  YOU CHOOSE the amount that feels right to you. Members commit to an Annual or Monthly Membership Gift of THEIR CHOICE to help sustain the community and program. ​ Once you have been accepted to the program you will be asked to select

the monthly membership gift of your choice.

We accept 8 members per month
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