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Basics to Inner Child Work

Many of us don’t even realize how our Inner Child is running our life and continues to create a reality that is not in alignment with what we truly want.  We are walking around in these adult bodies but acting from the child within.  I know that sounds silly but it is true. 


Have you ever noticed how your partner, sibling or even a friend have aspects like one if not both of their parents? (BTW- you probably do too but don’t want to admit it.  I didn’t either)


They have that aspect because they learned it in childhood.  It is a behavior they formed at a young age that they are not consciously aware of but it operate their life today.


This has happened to you also.  It has happened to every single human on this planet.  


For example: I whistle like my step-father.  It is a different whistle that you can’t see me doing but you can hear it.  Now my step-father never taught me how to do it this way.  I just started doing it unconsciously. When I was about 17 years old I found myself whistling in math class the teacher asked who is whistling.  That is when I realized I had learned his whistle but never remembered how I learned it.


Now a whistle seems harmless but what about a tendency to people please?  

How is that behavior effecting my life and where do you think I started it? 

Signs that Inner Child work would benefit you:

  • Feeling insecure or low self-worth/not feeling good enough

  • Depression

  • Attracting unavailable partners

  • Financial struggles

  • Codependent behavior

  • Intimacy issues

  • Abusive or toxic relationships

  • Lack of direction

  • Anxiety

  • Weight issues

  • Overeating

  • People Pleasing

  • Perfectionist

  • Over Achiever

  • Depending on others to make you feel happy 

  • Numbing/avoiding through food, alcohol, sex, social media and/or TV

  • Struggle to trust others

  • Attracting Narcissist people into your life 

  • Feeling taken advantage of 

  • Overwhelmed

  • And more

What are the Benefits of doing Inner Child Work?

Doing this works takes you out of the passenger seat and into the driver seat of your life. 

You begin to become aware of unhealthy patterns/behaviors and shift them. 

You start taking better care of yourself, creating healthy boundaries, attracting relationships you desire and being having the success you always wanted.

You physically, emotionally and mentally start feeling better. 

You start manifesting what you want because feel in your worth.  

You Will ...

  • Understand the basics of how programming happened in childhood and why it is controlling your adult life.

  • Learn how to connect with your inner child and begin to form a relationship with them.

  • Gain an understanding of your emotions and learn how to regulate your nervous system so you can find clarity.

  • Locate the thread of the behaviors formed in your childhood and learn how to reprogram them.

  • Give that inner child what they never received from their actual parents or caregivers.

  • Have tools to integrate new behaviors into your life.

  • Learn how to be there for your inner child and yourself.

  • Get one-on-one coaching from Kerri-Ann to help you go deeper.

Details of the Program

September 14th - October 19th

Weekly Zoom webinars every Monday at 7pm EDT for 90-minutes.

(all webinars are recorded and shared with you)

One private coaching session (valued at $96)

Community to share, support and feel safe with

Cost: $125 includes all 6 weeks and private coaching session


I can’t join the calls- can I still participate?

If you can’t make it to the calls no worries because all sessions are recorded and shared with you.

I dont remember a lot about why childhood

Not to fear, your subconscious mind will pull up the essence of what we need to discover in order to start making shifts.

I had a traumatic childhood and have a lot of fear about revisiting it.

You don’t need to revisit it as the fear you feel about it is enough to start recognizing what needs you have to start reprogramming and making the shift.  We go baby steps and you decide the size of the step you are willing to take.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes we can spilt the payments into 2 payments of $65 each.  One to be paid before Sept 14th to confirmed your spot and the 2nd to be paid on Oct 2nd.  Reach out to at to make arrangements.

Additional Concerns or Questions

Reach out to me directly at Kerri.Appleton@gmailcom

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