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Energy Alchemy
To become more conscious is the greatest gift anyone can give to the world; moreover, in a ripple effect, the gift comes back to its source.  - Dr. David Hawkins

Energy = information that vibrates

Alchemy = a process of transformation and creation.

Energy Alchemy is the process to transform your energy to match the remarkable life you want to create. 

Energy is more than what powers your lights, makes your car go or fuels your body to run that marathon. Everything is Energy. Your thoughts, feelings and actions are all energy.  You entire being is energy and your energy creates the reality you experience. When you begin to transform your energy you begin to transform your life.   

Energy Alchemy is the process of becoming the source of your own creation.

It is:

  • Moving from reacting to life to dancing with it.

  • Having a healthy relationship with your thoughts, feelings and with yourself.  

  • Being the Architect or Mastermind of your life.

  • Ultimate freedom.


In modern society most people live from a condition self and are disconnected from the truth of who they are.  They are limited by these conditions which imprisons them and creates an upper limit to what they can achieve or grow into. Most are not consciously aware of the confines of these limitations.


When you become an Energy Alchemist, you begin to see the world and your life begin to see limitless possibilities from which to create from.  You begin to design the extraordinary life you are worthy of consciously creating.


Just sit and know that 'you are' the 'I am' without words, nothing else has to be done; shortly you will arrive to your natural absolute state.

- Nisargadatta Maharaj

Most of us want to have a deeper understanding of ourselves.  We want to Master ourselves and yet often we don't know what to do or where to start.  

I have totally been there. I kept experiencing the same work situation and burning myself out over and over again. I kept dating the same type of guy even though I thought this one was going to be different I kept entering the same work dynamics even though I thought I was choosing differently. I felt stuck to figure out what I needed to do to get out of these patterns. 


What I discovered in my journey was that all of this was being created by my subconscious beliefs and old narratives from my past that I was not even aware of.

In Fall of 2006 my boss found my under the water fountain at work having a panic attack. Feeling that deep state of fear and overwhelm and not truly understanding where it was coming from. This started my personal journey to take a deeper dive under the surface of what's truly happening within me.   


To the outside world I had it all, so why did I feel trapped by a deep state of fear?  Once I began to understand how I was unconsciously creating my life, living by how I was conditioned to see and be in the world and understand the limitations I was living by then things started to change. I built upon the awareness and created a dedicated practice of shifting my perspective which shifted my energy. I have let go of so much to gain the freedom and abundance.  Today I am more grounded, courageous, loving and accepting.

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