Up Leveling Your Life

A 6 month program to take your life to the next level

I have been wanting to create a high-level program for a small group and here it is.  This is a big leap program…like jumping off a cliff and realizing you can fly type of program.

Have you been wanting to:

  • Push through procrastination into massive action

  • Connect with yourself and the energy around you more profoundly

  • Trust yourself innately 

  • Heal and shift old beliefs into expansive flow

  • Live in high self worth

  • Reconnect with the divine within you


The Up Leveling Your Life program will take you on a journey that will pull out those deep roots of doubts, low self worth, lack of confidence and heaviness. You will experience deep transformational reprogramming, master setting boundaries, heal old wounds, and feel connected to your spirit.

This program is about not letting life get in the way anymore.

No more…

  • You were too tired to do the work 

  • A client needed you

  • You had too much going on 

  • It was a rough week

  • etc.

This is a full responsibility no excuses program. 

Yes, stuff happens in your life but stop responding to it as if it is Game Over or that you will get to changing your life after.  Don’t let stuff happening control your life anymore. 


You don’t need to be a victim…You need to be a Creator of your life and learn how to navigate through what is happening to work for you.  


This program is going to push you and that might scare you.  That fear is a sign that you need to be pushed in order to up level.  So, if this sounds both scary and exciting then consider joining us.  It is a commitment and an investment but it in going to be worth it.  

You will be... 


  • Reprogramming your mind to think greater, abundant and expansive.

  • Connecting with your energy, your spirit guides and your higher self to support you

  • Having a deeper connection with your Inner Child

  • Confronting yourself in deep ways- facing those dragons

  • Feeling your feeling to release old wounds and traumas


Each week you will receive a set of activities that are personalized specifically towards pushing you into your greater self.  We will also connect weekly for 90-minutes as a group.  During those calls there will be a mix of coaching, teaching, energy healing, feeling, connecting with your inner child, higher self or spirits.  These are sacred calls.  (Calls are scheduled for Monday at 7pm EST)

At the end of this program I want you to feel:

  • On fire and unstoppable

  • Stronger in your worth

  • Your heart expanded

  • Confident in yourself

  • Aligned with the divine being you are

  • Your life transformed

You will have the tools and resources to do this work moving forward.  I am here to teach you fish not give you a fish.  Let's end co-dependency and put you back into your power.

Details of the Program

February 1st to July 31st

Weekly Zoom webinars every Monday at 7pm EDT for 90-minutes.

(all webinars are recorded and shared with you)

Weekly personalized acitvities straight to your inbox

Financial Investment: $375 a month for 6 months

Bonus: one year subscription to Sacred Space which includes 2 monthly Energy Healing Sessions and Full Moon Circle

Who am I?

My name is Kerri-Ann Appleton and I am an Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master, Facilitator and Speaker.  Most importantly I am a spiritual being having a human experience like you. I help women see how divine and worthy they are through eliminating all the conscious and unconscious stories that keep them playing small. 


I have not only experienced massive change in my own life but I have been doing this work almost my entire life for others.  It has been my calling to see potentiality and the process to creating it into reality. I have studied neuroscience, childhood development, epigenetics, energy healing, meditation, trauma, emotional health and conscious living.  I blend eastern and western practices with science and spirituality.  

I am a guide.  I see what you struggle to see and then show you how to see it.  This is your journey and I am only here to support you on your journey.

PS.  I share this photo of me singing on stage because it is evidence of my growth and expansion.  It might be hard to imagine but I had stage freight.  I used to get sick anytime I needed to speak in front of others that included reading in class.  Boy, a lot has changed since then and I am grateful for it.  This photo is a reminder of that.  

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