I gift you with a few different resources for you to get started on your journey of becoming a master of your life and happiness . Check them out below and see which one resonates with you.

RAW Conversations Podcast

Real Authentic Worthwhile (RAW) Conversations podcast is designed to

bring you more tools, awareness and insights of stepping in your power

and living a more expansive life. there are conversations with experts in

the wellness arena, personal healing journeys and solo episodes where

I share nuggets of wisdom that you can start experimenting in your life.  

Have a listen here.


Receive nuggets of wisdom to add to your personal growth toolbox through regularly published blog posts. I share both my personal experience with the work and practices I use with my clients.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments of the blog posts.  This is a great way to start learning, feeling and healing.  Start reading here.

Transcend Your Reality Program & Community

Transcend Your Reality is an online educational program and community

platform that guides humanity on transcending their limiting constructs to

become expanded and free. We believe every human deserves to thrive. 

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Receive updates on events, personal growth stories, nuggets of wisdom once or twice a week in your inbox. I promise to never sell your information or fill your inbox with junk.  Join my email list HERE.

Listen to these interviews that I did to gain more insight into the work:

Soul Stories Podcast

Hadassah Collection Podcast

The Priority Paradigm

Believe Be Real Be Bold


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