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Embracing Emotional Freedom 

April 30, 2023 ~ Brussels, Belgium

Hosted by

Kerri-Ann Appleton
Energy Alchemist

Pieter Gyssels

Your emotions can sometimes get the best of you

When you learn to tune into your emotions you are creating a deeper sense of awareness and 

connection with yourself.   You start create space for your emotions, so they don't overtake you. You start to feel free to release suppressed emotions which brings more ease into your life.

During this one day workshop you will walk away with:

* How to create a safe space for your nervous system and your emotions

* Theory around emotions

* A deeper understanding of yourself

* Tools to bring  more ease into your life

* The language to talk about and understand your emotions

During this workshop we will be weaving in art, movement and meditation for a full body experience.  Our goal is for you to not only cognitively understand your emotions but to embody the wisdom from this workshop.

Workshops Details

Sunday, April 30, 2023
From 10 am - 6pm (90-minute break for lunch)


*The workshop will be delivered in English



Grands Carmes

Rue des Grands Carmes 22

1000 Brussels




We are offering a sliding scale of your choice because we understand everyone has different financial situations:





Price includes all facilitated actives.  It doesn't include transportation or lunch.

Have Questions?

Email me here

Meet Your Workshop Facilitators

I'm Kerri-Ann and I guide people through their transformation of becoming the designer of their life.


I'm known as the Energy Alchemist - empowering humans to design a remarkable life through conscious effort. I use a hands-on practical approach with a spiritual blend, combining western and eastern philosophies and pulling from coaching, neuroscience, meditation, psychology, Reiki, somatic work, yoga and conscious living into one whole package to serve.  


I support people like you with feeling more embodied, grounded and centered in your life.  

Kerri-Ann Appleton
WhatsApp Image 2023-02-13 at 6.33.03 PM.jpeg

My name is Pieter and I support people in helping themselves navigate through life and love. 


I am a trained and certified coach, yoga teacher and meditation facilitator on the one hand. On the other hand I am a theater director, singer songwriter and painter. In my practice I combine both sides of myself to find creative ways to bring the best out of you. 


Let’s do the work together and enjoy the journey!

Pieter Gyssels
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