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Many of us hear 27 degrees of Capricorn and haven't a clue what that means or how to find it on an astrology chart. Three years ago I started to get super curious astrology as I dove deeper down the rabbit hole into energy work.


Everything is energy.  You are energy. I am energy. The entire universe is energy.  We are all energetically interacting with each other.  The sun, moon and all the planets impact your energy.  Astrology is a beautiful gift to help you understand your energy and how you are being impacted by astrological energies daily.

I created this 2.5 hour workshop to help you begin to understand the basics of your chart as well as understand how to see where the current astrology is impacting your energy and your life.  


The workshop is broken up into three (3) sections:

1. The basic parts of the astrology chart

2. Learning about your chart and deciphering the energy

3. Looking at the current astrology and seeing where it is impacting your life

By the end of the workshop you will... 


  • Have a deeper understanding of your astrological chart.

  • Know the basic energies of the 12 astrological signs, planets and celestial bodies.

  • Learn about the 12 houses and what area of life each impacts.

  • Be able to look at the current astrology and know where it is impacting your chart and your life. 

Financial investment is a suggested gift of $47 

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