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Free yourself from stress,

breaking the cycles you are in and transcend your reality.

Move past the triggers and living the same patterns and move into a life of ease, joy and vitality.


I’ve been there. A high functioning and high achieving individual who at the age of 30 started experiencing panic attacks.  I was an over achiever, perfectionist and people pleaser all to keep functioning and keep thriving but I later learned I was only surviving.  It was so unconscious that it become my personality and personal reality.


Once you discover the root cause of your triggers and unhealthy tendencies you begin to live from a space of more ease, more joy and more confidence.

Live a stress free life by transcending your reality.  Here's how:

My curated process takes you through a journey which will shift your subconscious mind and give you a sense of freedom and confidence.​

You will gain valuable insight into why you are currently experiencing the stress, triggers, challenges and how to shed them.

How would it feel to...


Stop being triggered

Its totally possible! Within a short time together you will start to feel less triggered and more ease.

Be more loving and compassionate

This is a cornerstone to the work.  You can't do this work without being more loving and compassionate. 

Feel more empowered

in your life​

You’ll learn where and why you give your power away.  And most importantly how to stop doing it.

Those who do this deeper work know the importance of investing in themselves.

Your root narrative is what is limiting you and the frustration you feel is a symptom of that. Working with me has the power to set you free.

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