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I'm Kerri-Ann, a woman like you who struggled to build a life I 

loved that was in alignment with my true self.  Motivated by my own empowering journey, I am motivated to support women with coming into alignment with living fully into their potential.


Us women deserve to have a life we love and that is why I am dedicated to supporting women in finding their true point of happiness and learning how to live more from that space.  It is the most powerful space to live from because it is the one that is absolutely true.


As an experienced EmPowerment Coach I provide a hands-on approach combined with a spiritual blend.  Using all of my training,  experience and skills in coaching, neuroscience, meditation, Reiki and conscious living into one whole package to help you come back home to your aligned sdelf.

It would be my privilege to help you live an Aligned Life.

Empowering women to living fully into their potential

The impact has been huge… my clients have gone on to pursue new careers that make them jump out of bed everyday, finally get on that plane to see the world, move past the daily panic attacks and start feeling happy about life, feel love again, start changing their People Pleasing tendencies so they had time to take care of themselves and so much more... You can hear directly from them on the Testimonials page.

I offer you the Gift of Community

As you step into this work it can feel lonely.  You are changing and others around you might not understand it.  That is why I created a community of other women doing this work.  A space where you can feel safe and supported.  You feel free to explore yourself without being judged or shamed.

In Her Power Community is a space where I have brought together like-minded women together to play, explore, create, unfold, triumph, engage, and belong. To empower the feminine to heal, expand and thrive in more healthy ways globally.


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