"6 weeks ago I was in a hotel room bawling my eyes out because I had no one to talk me through the here and there.  Well...reaching out was the best things I ever did!  Through the LYL project I met Kerri-Ann.  And not I am so excited to tell you all about some serendipities, coincidences and events that happened to me recently!  Feeling stuck without anyone to talk to and like I was 'waiting' for my perfect job to come around I accepted Kerri-Ann's offer of a 45 minute coaching session.  Wow - not only was it awesome to meet Kerri-Ann, it created the right energy for some beautiful serendipities, coincidences and events.  Kerri-Ann said, among other things, quite simple, DON'T WAIT.  The next week I was flying through a major city and caught up with my cousin who was in town, she is a very successful business women and has just decided to start business mentoring.  She offered to mentor me for free!  So now I don't have to wait for my perfect job.  I have started creating my perfect job!  And I am surrounded by love and support while I do it.  Woohoo"- Bryony from New Zeland

"I spoke with Kerri-Ann during my first ever coaching pep talk. I didn't really know what to expect and somehow in my mind, thought it might feel like speaking with a therapist. It was really far better than I expected. It felt more like speaking to a long-time friend. Kerri-Ann helped me to identify some  possible thought blockages that are hindering my desires as well as some new belief systems I can use to awaken my dreams. I learned to believe more in myself and trust myself and what's inside of me too. I also learned about unintentional "victim energy" that can produce and/or allow others to bring into my space. It was really eye-opening. I felt as if I knew everything about myself before Kerri-Ann and I spoke, but I was absolutely wrong. During our chat, she pointed out things and opened my eyes and heart to a different perspective. Once I incrementally made a few tweaks as suggested in my heart, thoughts and action, I felt an immediate and indescribable shift in my experience. Things just seemed to "click" and start to flow better....and this was just after ONE call!  Kerri-Ann is amazing and I wholeheartedly believe she will be a part of my cheering squad for quite a while!" - Cherry from the USA


"Since I spoke to Kerri-Ann, I have been going through some great transformations in my life. I got a chance to become aware of some long-withheld beliefs that did not serve me anymore and I also got to transform them into positive ones, that have already helped me in my business.

Thank you Kerri-Ann for your time, effort and love." - Sanjula from India



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