For many years, I was looking for support in finding my authentic and spiritual self.  A group where I could share my thoughts and feelings without being criticized; have interactions with the members; and have tools to help me learn and grow towards my authentic and spiritual self. A group with a leader who is knowledgeable, working on his/her own journey and willing to work one on one.  Someone who knows how to ask the right questions to help me find what I need to work on. With Kerri-Ann I found what I had been looking for in a mentor and group.


Within the group and in private sessions, I find Kerri-Ann a mentor who is caring, supporting and one to gently push and inquiry deeply you to get to the root of your triggers and blocks,  She works with me, explains information clearly, suggests what I might need to work on, yet doesn't push her ways.  It's my choice to do the work at my own speed   She's available anytime I have a question or concern.

- Deb from the USA

P.S.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at here.

I spoke with Kerri-Ann during my first ever coaching talk. I didn't really know what to expect and somehow in my mind, thought it might feel like speaking with a therapist. It was really far better than I expected. It felt more like speaking to a long-time friend. Kerri-Ann helped me to identify some  possible thought blockages that are hindering my desires as well as some new belief systems I can use to awaken my dreams. I learned to believe more in myself and trust myself and what's inside of me too. I also learned about unintentional "victim energy" that can produce and/or allow others to bring into my space. It was really eye-opening. I felt as if I knew everything about myself before Kerri-Ann and I spoke, but I was absolutely wrong. During our chat, she pointed out things and opened my eyes and heart to a different perspective. Once I incrementally made a few tweaks as suggested in my heart, thoughts and action, I felt an immediate and indescribable shift in my experience. Things just seemed to "click" and start to flow better....and this was just after ONE call!  Kerri-Ann is amazing and I wholeheartedly believe she will be a part of my cheering squad for quite a while!"

- Cherry from the USA

Want a smoother, happier life?  I am sure you can have that and Kerri-Ann Appleton can offer very useful help.  My first course with Kerri-Ann was about how to increase my wealth.  The course gave some unconventional ways to achieve the results for which I was looking.  One dot lead to another and now I have completed several courses with Kerri-Ann.  I really don’t see how any serious seeker could miss with this lady.  More self-love; better relationships and gratitude do make a difference!  

Let her guide you in your purpose.

- Ruth from the USA

Since I spoke to Kerri-Ann, I have been going through some great transformations in my life. I got a chance to become aware of some long-withheld beliefs that did not serve me anymore and I also got to transform them into positive ones, that have already helped me in my business. Thank you Kerri-Ann for your time, effort and love."

- Sanjula from India

When I started with Kerri-Ann I was thinking about starting a business as a Financial Coach but realized that I had blocks and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Throughout our time together, She has guided me in discovering my blocks and the feelings that come with her. Kerri-Ann provided several great resources and activities to do to begin changing them.  She has helped me stay focused on my goals Kerri-Ann is a gentle soul that is very intuitive.  When I had celebrations, she checked in with me within hours of a major win.  When I had struggles in between sessions, she always reached out at the right time with the right message to share. Now almost 6 months later, I left job and have opened my own financial coaching business.  I have shifted my attitude towards money.  Kerri-Ann helped me value myself and see that I am worth more than I have valued myself in the past.

- Michele from the USA