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Sacred Space

Sacred Space is an intimate space for you create a new reality for you and your life.

Sacred Space is where knowledge, engagement and belonging exist. It is a space to create a new reality for you and your life.  It is a space to discover, heal, evolve and thrive.


In Sacred Space you have full access to process of up leveling your life through all workshops related to the process plus support through community and facilitated guidance.

You will have access to several self-navigated workshops such as:

  • Emotional Wellbeing

  • Reprogramming the Mind

  • Working through Blocks

  • Boundaries

  • Drama Triangle

  • Triggers

  • Inner Child Work

  • Self-Love


These workshops will support you in unpacking, healing, growing, reprogramming and expanding yourself towards what you truly desire...freedom, love and joy.


The journey is solely yours but that doesn't mean you are alone.  Sacred Space is self-navigated journey with many opportunities to connect with others and with a coach.  Each week we offer three (3) connection points where you can ask questions, get clarification or just pop in to say hello.  Plus we offer a monthly 90-minute group coaching session.  

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?


This is a monthly subscription community and I am asking each member to pledge to participate for a minimum of 6 months. This gives you a chance to explore, learn, play, connect and begin to see if this community and work is really for you.

Sacred Space is $44.99 a month  
and includes over $350 a month of value.
Not sure if you are ready to join. 
Get free access to first two workshops of Sacred Space with my Start Here course.

Meet Your Community Facilitator

I'm Kerri-Ann, a human just like you who struggled to build a life I truly loved and live from my Power.  Motivated by my own empowering journey, I am determined to support others in stepping into the best versions of living the life from their heart..from their most EmPowered Self.


As a human we deserve to have a life we love and that is why I am dedicated to supporting others in finding their true point of happiness and learning how to live more from that place.  It is the most powerful place to live from because it is the one that feels most truly aligned for us.


As an experienced EmPowerment Practitioner I bring a hands-on approach combined with a spiritual blend.  I use all of my training and skills in coaching, neuroscience, meditation, Reiki and conscious living into one whole package to serve from.

It would be my privilege to help you Live an EmPowered Life.

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