Welcome to Sacred Space!

You have been invited here because something is calling you to start creating something different for yourself and the world.


There are two ways to look at the world:

A world that is troublesome or one that is sacred.  


You can’t deny that right now that most of the world is looking through the lens of troublesome.  


What if we decided to look through a different lens and see a world that is sacred?

What might we see?


We would see:

  • A world where it feels safe to be yourself.

  • A world where compassion and empathy triumphs all.

  • A world where boundaries are respected and honored.

  • A world where each of us takes radical responsibility for ourselves.

  • A world where we listen to understand.

  • A world where we cultivate a healthy conscious attitude.

  • A world where we live fully into our potential.

  • A world of love.


I continue to come back and remind myself to see the world as sacred.  

It is there! It just needs to be cultivated again.


I personally want to be part of cultivating that sacred world and I want you to be part of cultivating that with me.  This is why I invited you here.


Creating this world takes an intention, a seed, to be planted, watered, nourished until it springs into life other seeds and plants.  It is a small pebble dropping into the water to create a ripple effect. It starts small and grows bigger.


Let’s create this a sacred space together.  A space where each of us feel supported, seen, understood, nurtured, loved, accepted and safe.  

A Sacred Space

Sacred Space is an intimate community where knowledge, engagement and

belonging exist. Each month a different theme is chosen for you to self-navigate through 

These themes will support you in growing and expanding yourself towards your dreams 

and desires.


The space is a place where knowledge is exchanged, engagement is encouraged

and sense belonging is formed.  I want it to feel as if you are coming home.  You

are coming home to yourself. A place where you feel safe to be seen, loved,

accepted and supported.


You will have access to several self-navigated workshops such as:

  • Emotional wellbeing

  • Reprogramming the Mind

  • Working through Blocks

  • Boundaries

  • Drama Triangle

  • Activating Self Love

  • Inner Child Work

  • Creating Your Dreams

You d not need to do his work alone as we have three (3) connection points each week that you conjoin if you need. Plus I host a 90-minute group coaching call each month.


Bonus, your membership includes 2 monthly Energy Healing Sessions and Full Moon Circle.


As we have witnessed, it is powerful having a group doing this work together no matter where you are on the journey. This is exactly why I created this community.  No more doing this on your own...we all deserve to be supported and give support.  We all deserve to thrive. 


This format of creating a community will be much easier with getting more liked minded people involved and starting to shift the global perspective from a lens of troublesome to a lens of sacred...of possibility and aligning us back to love.  It starts with us doing this work and then bringing more into the fold.


I will teach you what I know, I will guide you through love, I will ask you to show up, I will ask you to do your best and I will ask you to give back.  I will also ask you to teach me.  We all have incredible wisdom that needs to be shared.  


I have created the container but all of us are creating the experience.  It is a circle.


Sacred Space.png

Are You Ready to Join the Movement?


This is a monthly subscription community and I am asking each member to pledge to participate for a minimum of 6 months. This gives you a chance to explore, learn, play, connect and begin to see if this community and work is really for you.

Sacred Space is $47 a month  
and includes over $350 a month of value.

Meet Your Community Facilitator

I'm Kerri-Ann, a human just like you who struggled to build a life I truly loved and live from my Power.  Motivated by my own empowering journey, I am determined to support others in stepping into the best versions of themselves...to living the life from their heart..from their most EmPowered Self.


As a human we deserve to have a life we love and that is why I am dedicated to supporting others in finding their true point of happiness and learning how to live more from that place.  It is the most powerful place to live from because it is the one that feels most truly aligned for us.


As an experienced EmPowerment Coach I bring a hands-on approach combined with a spiritual blend.  I use all of my training and skills in coaching, neuroscience, meditation, Reiki and conscious living into one whole package to serve from.

It would be my privilege to help you Live an EmPowered Life.