Monthly Online Events

Group Energy Healing

These sessions are filled with magic to help you work through whatever might be showing up in your life. They support you to release some of the pressure that is within your body including anxiety, sadness and anger. And/or help you bringing in high vibrational energy so you feel more joy.  We create a safe space to help draw the energy to the surface to be released and open up to new energy.

Full Moon Circle 

Full Moons are a great time to let go and release energy that is no longer serving you which opens you up to new energy coming in which can support in healing, opportunities, advances, upleveling consciousness, partnerships/relationships, wisdom, financial, and/or abundance.  During the circle we will reflect, journal, open our hearts and release what is complete through gentle movement, mediation, breath and energy healing.



RAW Talks

RAW Talks are monthly opportunities to receive some wisdom, guidance, exercises that will take your life to the next level. These are opportunities are more than just learning about "the work", these are about doing "the work". These are mini 2-hour workshops for you to have the knowledge and tools to up level your life. 

The Spirit of Gift

I offer these events in the spirit of gift. I trust the generosity of participants to support me in developing and sustaining this work as a space for us all to Connect, Share, Nurture and Thrive together.


I invite all participants to make a gift. Give what reflects your feeling of value and gratitude. The recommended amount is between $20-$50USD per event. Give what feels right for you. I trust your judgment on what you can commit to and respect your financial situation. No matter what amount you give, you are fully worthy and deserving to be here to receive the gift of support.