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Transcend Your Reality

My name is Kerri-Ann and I guide people through their transformation of becoming the designer of their life.


I'm known as the Energy Alchemist - empowering humans to design a remarkable life through conscious effort. I use a hands-on practical approach with a spiritual blend, combining western and eastern philosophies and pulling from coaching, neuroscience, meditation, psychology, Reiki, somatic work, yoga and conscious living into one whole package to serve.  


I support people like you with feeling more embodied, grounded and centered in your life.  Read more about this work here.

Let's discover if our energies are

a match to work together


Check out the Services I offer including:

  • Personalized Coaching

  • Online Energy Healing

  • Weekly Online Meditations

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Image by Kelly Sikkema

Visit the many Resources to get started today:

  • E-Newsletter

  • RAW Conversations Podcast

  • Blog

  • Transcend Your Reality Program & Community

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