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Group Energy Healing Sessions

Many of us are feeling a lot of emotion right now and at times it feels overwhelming and exhausting. I want to provide a safe place for you to to release that energy.


Emotion is Energy in Motion which means energy wants to move. It builds when you don't release it. 


Whether you are feeling:

  • Anxiety around the state of things.

  • Frustration because you can't seem to make something work

  • Not motivated with life.

  • Lack of clarity on something.

  • Grief as you realize that we are not going back to normal anytime soon.

  • Scared to share how you really feel as you try to stay strong and hold it all together.

  • Any other feeling that might be coming up for you.


This Energy Healing session can help you release some of the pressure that is within your body. It is like an energy massage and can help move some of that energy without having to talk about it. It provides a safe space to let go and begin to bring some balance into your life during these challenging times.


It is a beautiful gift for you.

During the session I will guide you through a process to bring forward that which is ready to be released from within you and provide a 30-minute group Reiki session to draw it out and transform you. Please plan on one hour to get the most out of the session.

I invite all participants to make a gift. Give what reflects your feeling of value and gratitude.  The recommended amount is between $15-$25USD.  Give what feels right for you.

Now if you have never done Energy Healing before and are unsure about the experience or giving is a stretch right now then I invite you to still participate. No matter what you can give, you will receive the same level of support and love.


Upcoming Group Sessions

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January 2nd at 3pm ET

January 16th at 3pm ET

Through my studies as a Reiki Master I have been attuned to the Reiki energy and become the conduit to providing you this amazing energy to promote your healing.  

If you feel called to do a private one-on-one session you can check out those services here - Energy Healing