Personalized Coaching

Sometimes you need a more hands-on, customized and intimate approach to doing this work.  This is why I offer Personalized Coaching where we meet one on one for 45-minutes each week to help you only our specific journey.  


There is not one formula or path that fits every single one of us.  We are all unique and therefore the adventure to fully living into your purpose may need a more customized approach.  And sometimes we can't see where we are stuck or what is truly going on because we are in it.  This is where having someone to guide you and have a look at your unique situation can make a difference.

I require that you commit to 10 sessions as this allows us to get at the root of many things and gives you time to adapt new beliefs, habits and behaviors.  Plus as part of the package you receive 3-month membership into Sacred Space. Doing this work within a community helps enhance your efforts and results.

Personalized Coaching includes:

* 10 sessions (45-minutes each)

* 3-month membership to Sacred Space

$1250 financial commitment

Let's Discover if I can help you

fully live into your purpose. 

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