These are my offerings in doing this work.  What is important to me is making this work and myself accessible for support without burning myself out.  I believe everyone should have access to this work and that is why I make it easy to access through my offerings:

Women Holding Hands

Sacred Space

Sacred Space is a community where you guide yourself through the work while being surrounded and supported by others on the journey. There is power in community.  Learn more about Sacred Space.

Friends Having Coffee

Personalized Coaching

Personalized Coaching allows you to receive a more customized and intimate support on the journey of unpacking yourself, healing and fully living into your purpose. Learn more about Personalized Coaching.


RAW Talks workshops

These are weekly workshops on different parts of the work whether you are working through triggers, boundaries, reprogramming, self-regulation or another aspect of the work   Learn more about RAW Talks.

Reiki Treatment

Group Energy Healing 

Energy Healing is used to promote healing of mind, emotion, physical body and spirit. The work requires a lot of shifting, releasing and letting go of emotions. Energy Healing provides a more holistic approach to healing since you are a Whole Being.  Learn more about Energy Healing.