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Audio Art
An experience for the Mind, Body and Soul

So many people are looking for opportunities to connect with themselves, to have a much deeper and rich experience within their mind, body and soul. I create some specific to give them an experience that allows them to create something new for themselves.  

This personalized guided audio masterpiece is a guided excursion using my natural voice and spoken word to elicit emotion to connect your mind, body and soul.  I use my intuition and source energy to create a masterpiece for you.  It is authentic and raw!

All you need to do is provide me with what you are looking to gain from this experience in this moment of your life.  Do you need more love?  Do you need to let go of something? Are you wanting more connection?  Are you seeking to find yourself?  Do you want to bring more luck into your life?


The skies the limit on these unique audio experiences.

I send you file in an m4a, mp4 or mp3 file for you to play through your computer or smartphone. You will be sent a link to download the meditation after I have created it and it is yours to keep forever.


7-10 Minute Audio Art      $20

15 Minute Audio Art         $30

Fill out the order form and lets start creating something special for you. 

Sample Audio Art - without music
00:00 / 00:00
Sample Audio Art - with music
00:00 / 00:00


"Hi Kerri-Ann- I'm not sure you'll remember me but you made a meditation for me back in February. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I wanted to finally say a BIG thank you to you. I had a history of recurrent miscarriage and last year an ectopic. I was very cross with myself and at my body for letting me down and stopping me doing what I so desperately wanted it to. The first time I listened to your meditation I cried but felt a great release and an overwhelming gratitude to my body and actually thanked it! .... I can't really explain it properly in words but I felt a release. I went on to listen to the recording a number of times… And here's the greatest part, we are now, (despite being one tube down) expecting a special delivery of a rainbow baby just in time for Christmas  I had a scan yesterday dating me at 14 weeks and 5 days. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your contribution of me achieving this”- Dania

"Love her! She provided me with a personal meditation that I use everyday to center myself. After sharing only a couple things about myself, she was able to customize the perfect meditation for me. She's really good at this! Thank you, Kerri-Ann!"- Anna

"Kerri Ann's personalized guided meditation has become a great tool for coping with anxiety. Her voice is really soothing and the meditation is super relaxing and comforting. I especially appreciate that it is so brief while being effective as that makes it really easy to incorporate into my daily routine."- Lyndsay

"Kerri-Ann sent me a personalized guided meditation. My mediation was to help me release what no longer served me and step into my creative flow. The meditation was just long enough to allow me time to do it and to really get into a deep state. It was so easy to allow her soothing, gentle voice and words to help me fully relax. I have to say it really did what it was meant to. After listening I felt an overwhelming need to cry, so I let it happen. I felt a sense of release and peace afterwards. Thanks so much Kerri-Ann!"- Mary 

"Kerri-Ann recorded a personalized guided meditation for me. First of all, I so appreciate her non-judgemental ways. My meditation was recorded specifically for an underlying fear of failure which isn't something I get excited to share with people. But Keri-Ann was so kind and understanding that I felt absolutely comfortable telling her about it. Then when I listened to my meditation I was blown away. She nailed it perfectly! To top it off, here voice is incredibly gentle and soothing. I listen to my recording daily and have made great progress releasing that fear of failure."- Vanessa

"Kerri-Ann created a beautiful meditation for me to help me release my anger from past trauma! I absolutely love it and could feel an amazing difference even after the first time listening to it!! Will definitely be purchasing another one for the future!!" - Joanne

"I feel so blessed to have come across Kerri Ann. She made me a personalized guided meditation relevant to challenges I'm currently facing; I loved the imagery and themes she used in the track. Her voice is gentle and soothing and the tape is just the right length to work into my routine. Whenever I feel frazzled, I give it a listen and feel much calmer and more relaxed." - Manisha 

"I bought a guided meditation to help increase my focus for the LSAT and calm my mind when hard questions arose that could cause me to panic. Her meditation touched my soul and helped me to focus and relax and do what I needed to do. It worked, the day of the test my mind and body were prepared and I got exactly the score I needed. I put in the work but I am so thankful I had this meditation as my guide!"- Kelly

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