The Alignment Process

When you live in alignment with your authentic self, you feel more joy and happiness coming from within you.  Life begins to mirror it back to you and you feel a sense of total freedom.  You are living your true purpose.  The process to get there is a beautiful unfolding, rediscovering, and stepping into your divine and whole self.  


This process was curated out of years of experience, research, science, data and downloads from the universe.  

Aligning with the divine within you is a process because you start with unpacking the layers that block you from your true self.  These are layers that you took on from past experiences and expectations from family, community society and your culture.  Most of it is not who you truly are and why you don't feel fully satisfied with life.

It is shedding those layers and creating your own unique masterpiece.  This is where you begin living your purpose driven life.

My passion to do this work comes from me own journey and the many break throughs I have had.

In Fall of 2006 my boss found my under the water fountain at work having a panic attack. I was about to present to the Worldwide staff but instead I was in a deep state of panic and feeling overwhelmed. This started my personal journey to take a deeper dive under the surface of what's truly happening.  

On the outside I had it all but on the inside something did not feel in alignment. With the support from a coach, a therapist, yoga, Reiki, many personal development programs and of course family and friends I began to make some massive shifts to bring me to where I am today.  A person that lives more fully in my heart.  I feel more alive because honestly I am living fully into my potential.  I feel called to guide others on this massive transformational experience.

I am an Empowerment Coach and Facilitator.  I blend western and eastern philosophies into my work.   Using a mix of neuroscience, meditation, Reiki and conscious living practices to provide high level shifts that we all deserve to have.  My drive comes from wanting to create a world where more humans are living fully into their purpose.  Empowering them to feel more accepted, confident and radiant in their lives. Where living happier and healthier lives is a reality not just a desire.                 

This process of transformation is not an easy one but a necessary one.  No one path of transformation is the same but they all have a similar essence about them.  I only work with those that are ready, willing and able to make the necessary changes to go through this transformation. Those who are willing to look at themselves and see all their stuff.  This is an investment and not just with your finances but with your time and energy.                

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