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I am an empowerment coach and facilitator.  Besides training as a coach I have studied neuroscience, meditaiton, yoga, Reiki and conscious living practices.  I blend western and eastern philosophies in my work.   My drive comes from my passion to see more women living the life they truly love.  To empowering them to feel more accepted, confident and radiant in their lives.                                

My passion to do this work comes from me own journey and the many break throughs I have had.

In Fall of 2006 my boss found my under the water fountain at work having a panic attack. I was about to present to the Worldwide staff but instead I was in a deep state of panic and feeling overwhelmed. This started my personal journey to take a deeper dive under the surface of what was holding me back from living my greatest life.  With support from a coach, a therapist, yoga, Reiki and of course family and friends I began to make some massive shifts to bring me to where I am today. A person that lives more fully in my heart.

I feel more alive because honestly I feel more. 

I work with women to help them build a life they truly love.  I help them unpack the deeper parts of themselves that have been hidden away and show they how to live from their truth.  They feel more joy and more love as well as great sense of freedom.  

This process of transformation is not an easy one but a necessary one.  No one path of transformation is the same but they all have a similar essence about them.  I only work with those that are ready and willing to make the necessary changes to go through this transformation...are willing to look at themselves and see the beauty within.  This is an investment and not just with your finances but with your time and energy.     

I use a conscious living approach so at times you might need to feel your emotions but not to worry I will provide you a safe space for this and show you how to move through those feelings so you can feel more energized and motivated to take on the world.  

Everything is energy so lets get started with getting you into a high vibrational state and loving your life.


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